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Artistically crafted by skilled Indian artisans, this distinctive oil burner seamlessly blends classic and modern aesthetics, enriching your space with its unique charm.


Crafted from soapstone and measuring 4 inches, this oil burner showcases an outstanding design that simplifies the placement and removal of the tea light candle. Comprising two components, it includes a lower pot for the tealight candle and a bowl for water and essential oil.


The tealight efficiently warms the essential oils within the stone saucer, allowing the diffusion of delightful aromas and fragrances. Essential oils not only offer a fantastic scent but also possess stress-reducing properties.


This burner comes in three colours, light grey, yellow and dark brown


Please note colour options provided is just a resemblance of the actual colour, product colour may differ

Carved Leaf Oil/Wax Melts Diffuser

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