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Soapstone burners in vibrant Chakra colors - perfect for diffusing fragrance oil, essential oil, or NB's Aromas Wax Melts.


The human body's physical and spiritual energy centers, known as chakras, are crucial for overall health and function. These energy centers, from the tailbone (1) to above the crown (7), influence both the body and emotions. Any obstruction in the free passage of energy within these areas can impact the body's operations.


Crafted from crystallized rock formed over 2 billion years, soapstone is a versatile and easily sculpted material. It is favored by sculptors for its malleability and conversation-worthy form.


These soapstone burners, adorned in Chakra colors, make for exquisite decorations on mantelpieces, windowsills, or tables. Their stable structure allows them to stand securely on a level surface. The design becomes most enchanting when the candle is burning, casting a captivating play of light through the holes onto the wall.


Please note that the natural origin of soapstone may result in variations in color and size. The color options provided are representative and may differ slightly from the actual product.

Chakra Coloured EO/Wax Melt Diffuser

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