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NB's Aromas proudly introduces this exquisite Reiki-Infused Essential Oil-based wax melts gift box. Included are 5 assorted wax melts.



- Crafted from 100% Natural Eco Soy Wax

- Handmade in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

- Labels made from paper

- Cruelty-Free

- Vegan Product

- Long-Lasting (Each cube offers 10-12 hours of aromas approximately)


Please note: While we take pride in our products as a dedicated wax melts fragrance manufacturer, the handcrafted nature of our items in small batches may result in variations in colors and designs from those depicted on our aromatherapy supply store website.




Simply place one scented wax cube into the well of your wax burner. Light an unscented 4-hour tealight underneath and immerse yourself in the incredible scent. We recommend burning your wax melts for four hours at a time. Each cube can provide up to 10 hours of delightful fragrance and can be melted and reused until the scent dissipates. Fragrance durations may vary between scents.


These wax melts are also compatible with electric wax burners.


Each wax melt is infused with Essential oil and crafted with a specific intention in mind. Before placing a wax melt in a tea light burner or electric burner, take a moment to calm your mind and set your intentions clearly. Envision what you desire with positivity so that the universe may manifest it for you.


You can write your intentions on paper and safely place it under the warmer, ensuring it's not directly exposed to the open flame of the tea light.



Reiki Infused Soya Wax Melt Gift Box

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