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All about NB's Aromas 

NB's Aromas Family pic

Where do I start? I am a mother of two boys, my background has been varied, and have worked in different industries. Prior to coming to Canada, I was based in the UK and worked closely with doctors, nurses, and midwives to help the community in wound care, blood samples, and overall health management. My role as a phlebotomist had evolved over the period of just under 5 years. I absolutely enjoy serving the community and it gives me a sense of satisfaction.

However, throughout my time, I always had the urge of doing creative things specifically which are very unique and brings people a sense of calm and relaxation. I never got the chance to do that back in the UK.

Fast forward to 2020, we moved from the UK to Canada and I had the chance to start afresh, with some wonderful support from my two lovely boys and my partner, I re-ignited my passion to serve the community in a totally different manner, but at the same time not letting go my lab technician experience I have also enrolled for my Post Graduation Diploma certification in becoming a certified Lab Technician. Wish me luck!


I decided to pursue my passion and channel my energy to feed my creativity and start a small-scale home-based business, this is when the idea of NB’s Aromas floated the first time and we finally launched this aromatherapy supply store or became wax melts fragrance manufacturer in Dec 2021.


My Master's degree is from the Environmental field, I have always been a staunch supporter of sustainability and can proudly say that the materials used e.g. wax melts are from renewable sources. We can also proudly disclose that we are a family-run business and 100% independent, we are not affiliated with any company or corporates.


Whether it is creating company logos or packaging ideas, they were all born at home and executed, I take a lot of pride in my products and have a passion to deliver to the needs and requirements of customers. I am super excited about this new journey and a fun-filled new start, thanks for taking the time to read this page.

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