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PRODUCT DESIGN: Crafted from soft matte black ceramic and dipped in metallic gunmetal, each piece boasts a unique hand-applied finish! Accompanied by a coordinating silicone dish resting on a metal warming plate.


USAGE CONVENIENCE: The silicone dish is neatly placed on a metal warming plate, allowing for the effortless removal of cooled fragrance wax by simply popping it out. The 3 ft cord is equipped with an easy on/off dial switch for seamless operation.


EFFORTLESS HOME FRAGRANCE: No more hassle with changing bulbs or struggling to extract wax from ceramic dishes. This innovative warmer eliminates the need for bulb changes, heating the wax through a warming plate. The silicone dish cools quickly for safer handling, allowing easy removal of completely cooled wax.


IDEAL DIMENSIONS: The warmer stands at 5" tall and 3.5" in diameter, featuring a 3 ft black power cord with a 2-prong plug designed for US outlets. Power specifications include 120V, 60Hz, and 24W.


COMPATIBILITY: Pair it effortlessly with our Candle Warmers Etc. wax fragrances, available for purchase HERE.


MERCHANDISING OPTIONS: Combine with Fragrance Wax Melts and other home fragrance products. Additional wholesale information: Orders should be placed in multiples of 3, and the display box measures 5.3"x5.3"x6.2".

Ebony Dip Flip-Top Wax Melter

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