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DESIGN: Featuring an eggshell white finish adorned with a "Home Sweet Home" sentiment in black, complemented by a coordinating black silicone dish.


USAGE SIMPLICITY: The silicone dish elegantly sits on a metal warming plate, facilitating easy removal of cooled fragrance wax by a simple pop-out method. The 3 ft cord is equipped with a convenient on/off dial switch.


EFFORTLESS HOME FRAGRANCE: Bid farewell to bulb changes and the struggle of wax removal from ceramic dishes. This innovative warmer operates without the need for bulb replacements, utilizing a warming plate to heat the wax. The silicone dish cools swiftly for safer handling, allowing the easy removal of completely cooled wax.


IDEAL DIMENSIONS: Standing at 5" tall and 3.5" in diameter, the warmer is perfectly sized for any space. The 3 ft black power cord with a 2-prong plug.


COMPATIBILITY: Explore our collection of Candle Warmers Etc. wax fragrances, available for purchase HERE.


Enjoy an effortless home fragrance experience with our Pop-Out Wax Warmer! The flexible silicone dish allows for easy removal of cooled wax, making the fragrance-switching process a breeze. No more dealing with hot wax or scraping cold wax from a rigid dish. This user-friendly warmer operates with a warming plate instead of a bulb, featuring a convenient indicator light on the back to signal its status. The 3 ft cord includes a straightforward on/off switch, ensuring a quick melt and easy removal of wax once cooled—all without the need for flame or smoke.

Welcome Home Flip-Top Wax Melter

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